Our Clients

On Speaking Terms

"Emily is fantastic at her work, and it shows. Highly organized, and also open to learning new things. Since having her, my online presence has grown profoundly. I've had the freedom to develop products as well as complete my book with her skilled assistance. 

"I sleep better at night, knowing she's got my back. I can't say that about too many other people I know."

Apartment Jeanie

"Emily Westerfield has been my virtual assistant for over 3 years. That in itself speaks to how talented, caring, professional and dedicated she is. I had previously worked with another virtual assistant for about a year, but the skill set my business requires was lacking and unfortunately Emily ad to take on an immense amount of pressure and workloads from the start of our relationship. 

"Emily not only spent the time to understand how I expect my business to run, but followed by example and is a genuine representative of my company. We work as a team and she shoulders a lot of responsibility in the development and growth of the brand. Her work is meticulous and when needs clarification asks so mistakes are rarely made. 

"She also demonstrates an intuition in what might benefit he business and anticipates what action to take. Emily is driven to learn new methods that will also enhance the brand's identity. She understands the nature of my work day and respects that I might not be able to communicate during typical work hours. She is always pleasant, courteous and accommodating. 

"My only regret is that I cannot have Emily work for me exclusively full time!"

Elevate by NICCI

"My life has become much more calm with Emily on my team. I can count on her to handle whatever I need with little oversight, freeing up my time to focus on my business. She is a pleasure to work with and has a great fun personality. I haven’t looked back since!"