Who We Are

Westerfield World provides small businesses and solopreneurs with high-quality, tailored virtual assistant services. Our mission is to support you and your business in any way that helps you reach your goals and growth potential (or simply allows you more time to relax!). We offer helping hands, advice and feedback, and genuine care for you and your business. 

Meet the owner

Emily Westerfield

Emily is the Founder and President of Westerfield World. Having worked in the administrative role for 15+ years, her experience gives her the edge and knowledge to be the best support possible for you and your team. She's outgoing, competitive and thrives on helping others. Emily always finds a way to get things done; if she doesn't know how, she'll find a way. With Emily on your team, you'll feel comfortable and confident that the back end of your business is running smoothly so you can successfully nurture your clients and increase steady cash flow.